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Residential building | Center
Burgas center

From 54,700 €

from 850 € per sq.m.



100 m to the city center & 1 km to the beach

The residential building is situated on a quiet, one-way street in a quiet residential area, in the central part of Burgas, on the streets "Slivnitsa" and           "Partriarch Euthymius". Nearby are а Primary School, an opera house and theater, many supermarkets, restaurants, banks and more.


Brick masonry, 5 chamber joinery, MDF doors

Construction - Monolithic reinforced concrete with high-strength concrete. External and internal brick masonry with thermal and noise insulation between rooms. Waterproofing at the base of the building.

Water Supply and Sewerage - Drinking, domestic plumbing installation with polypropylene pipes. Discharge of waste water in the street sewer.

Electrical installation - Power supply is from a stand-alone power station. Electric consumers in the building are powered by a main power meter panel located on the ground floor. Flat panel electrical panels are hidden, built in above the entrance doors or laterally on the wall. Installation of CBT cables. In the apartments, the installation is with PVC-B1 type conductors, which are hidden under plaster / screed. Lightning protection and earthing installations.

Double glazed five-chamber double-glazed windows. Seal on all sides for reliable protection against draft and moisture.

Entrance doors - armored.

Elevator - hydraulic. The staircase and the elevator are separated by smoke-tight doors at all levels.

The common parts - flooring, granite tiles, walls - plaster, latex paint.


The apartments are finished "on a plug" which means built el- and plumbing installations, walls, floors and ceilings - putty. Additionally, the company offers also the preparation of individual, interior and finishing works (faience and terracotta, bathroom equipment, painting, furnishing, etc.)
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