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Green House
Slaveykov qtr. | Burgas

From 35,295 €

from 680 € per sq.m.

"GREEN HOUSE" is a multifunctional building with apartments, shops, offices and underground parking.


The property is located in the town of Burgas, zk "Slaveykov", between the "Stefan Stambolov" Boulevard and "G. Minkov" street in UPI XXIX-370,373, 49 sq.

Nearby are the emblematic for Burgas Hotel "Mirage", park "Slaveykov", sports hall "Mladost", mall "Galleria" and the main roads towards the city center, Sunny Beach and the highway to Sofia.

For 10min walk you will reach the Sea Garden.

The building consists of:

Two underground levels with 90 parking spaces provided for the residential part;

First (ground) floor with shops and 18 parking spaces on the field provided to service the shops;

Second floor: offices;

Six floors with two and three bedroom apartments;


The construction is monolithic reinforced concrete beam and is consistent with the layout of the building. There are dense areas in the walls to provide the building with respect to the earthquake. The walls are envisaged to be implemented by bricks with width of 25 cm and insulation externally. Parts of the building below the level of adjacent land will be isolated with hydro and thermal insulation. In the common areas of the building will be made durable, sustainable flooring. External surfaces are frost resistant. The facades will be covered with a polymer coating. There are railings on balconies and all areas of the building with a height greater than 1.50 m from the adjacent terrain.

Thermal and waterproofing, external and internal plaster, railings, windows and all common areas will be implemented in the most recent directives on energy efficiency in the EU.
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